Legal Management Resource Center

Do you have a legal management problem, questions or issue that you need to resolve? LMRC is "the source" for you.

If you need quick personal assistance, use the LMRC to contact ALA's Management SolutionsSM Reference Desk.

The LMRC is structured to help you find information about legal management-related issues such as:

  • Facilities & Operations Management

  • Financial Management

  • General Management

  • Human Resources Management

  • Law Firm Marketing

  • Technology & Information Systems

  • Training & Technology

Clicking on any of the links on the web site will lead to an area of the LMRC where you may browse articles, check research studies from ALA's Management SolutionsSM Reference Desk, follow links to web sites on the Internet that pertain to the subject area highlighted in the link, or learn about other pertinent subject matter resources.